Get Involved

At the heart of iCan Shine are altruistic people committed to making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Through our hosts, volunteers and supporters we are able to make dreams happen!


How to Get Involved

As a Host:

Interested in bringing an iCan program to your area?  We’re happy to collaborate with organizations, groups or individuals to help make this a reality for people with disabilities in your area! The most efficient way to understand what is involved in being an iCan Program host is to visit our Host Page.

As a Volunteer:

Interested in being a volunteer to work with a participant at an iCan Bike, Swim or Dance program in your area? The success of our program rests on the shoulders of quality service from fabulous volunteers.

Volunteers must be:

    • at least 15 years old
    • physically able to assist a participant while learning to bike, swim or dance
    • able to attend a one hour orientation and volunteer training session the afternoon or evening before the program starts
    • able to attend a 15 minute volunteer meeting immediately followed by your assigned 45 to 75-minute session each of the five days of the program (Monday through Friday)

If you meet the above criteria, we would love to have your help in making a difference in someone’s life! Please see the details of all camp locations and dates on our Find A Program page.

As a Supporter:

Interested in helping us fulfill our mission and/or supporting our national organization?  Please view the short, professionally produced TV News Videos of our iCan programs on our Home Page.

We would love to have your help in supporting this great cause!  Like most nonprofits, donations from generous people and organizations are a critical part of delivering our service to those in need.  Any contributions or donations are tax deductible so please make a donation today.

All ideas for and connections to prospective partners and sponsors are welcome.  Please email us at

As a Team Shine Member:

Interested in working for iCan Shine? We are currently operated by three full-time management employees and approximately 30 seasonal staff as described further on our Our Employees page.

Our seasonal staff are primarily our Floor Supervisors and Bike Technicians (click on each for a job description) that service our iCan Bike programs. However, with the relatively recent roll-out of our iCan Swim and iCan Dance programs, we also have a need for swim and dance instructors.

Our team is comprised of individuals from across the United States that are passionate about delivering safe and quality recreation programs for individuals with disabilities. The majority of our ‘iCan’ programs occur between June and August making this position a great fit for educators and those currently enrolled in universities who are seeking summer employment. Staff will typically travel in pairs of two for generally between two and six week stretches during the summer months to conduct programs at different cities around the US and Canada.

We typically conduct our interviewing and hiring in January through March each year but applications are accepted at anytime. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age by June 1st.

Please inquire and/or apply online for an employment opportunity or e-mail Andrea Patrick at: