Our hosts include nonprofit organizations, local governments and municipalities, private and public schools and universities, advocacy groups and proactive parents that step-up to host a local iCan program. This usually starts with a motivated individual who has learned of or experienced one of our iCan program first-hand and wants to make it a reality for people with disabilities in their local area.


Becoming an iCan Program Host

We collaborate with local organizations and individuals, we refer to as our program ‘hosts’, to conduct over 100 five-day ‘iCan’ programs in 35 States and Canada serving nearly 3,000 people with disabilities each year.  Hosting a successful iCan Bike, iCan Swim or iCan Dance five-day program in your home town involves a good deal of effort, however, the feedback and gratitude you will receive from participants, families and volunteers will make it worth all your hard work.  Being an iCan program host may be the toughest job you’ll ever love!

Generally speaking, our iCan program hosts are responsible for:

  • securing an appropriate facility in their local area
  • recruiting local participants
  • recruiting local volunteer spotters
  • providing local lodging for our two staff people for the week typically at a nearby hotel
  • paying a fixed program fee to iCan Shine in exchange for us conducting the five-day program (which is primarily funded by Host’s charging participants a registration fee set by the Host)

We offer three types of five-day iCan programs for hosting in your local area:

  • Our iCan Bike program is our signature program through which we have taught approximately 20,000 individuals with disabilities how to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle since 2007.  Our iCan Bike program serves up to 40 participants in a week-long camp.
  • Our iCan Swim program is a program through which we teach many individuals with disabilities how to swim and safely navigate aquatic environments.  Our iCan Swim program serves up to 30 participants in a week-long camp.
  • Our iCan Dance program is our recently added program through which we hope to teach many individuals with disabilities how to dance and partake in an end-of-camp dance recital.  Our iCan Dance program serves up to 40 participants in a week-long camp. If interested in hosting an iCan Dance program please e-mail Lisa at: