Core Values

These values are what we adhere to in the face of all obstacles, at whatever cost. Passion and compassion are at the heart of each core value. These are our absolutes, how we make decisions and defend them, how we work and live. This is the culture of our organization.

Our Core Values

This is How We Roll…

Compassionate Service

We provide excellent service, recognizing our participants, families, hosts and volunteers individual and collective needs.  As stewards of our special programs, we find joy in interactions and connections with every person we encounter.


We are an organization that people can trust.  We are honorable, ethical, sincere, honest & accountable in everything we do.  We consistently seek and speak the truth in a straight-forward manner.


We value people, recognizing individual uniqueness and celebrating diversity.  We focus on abilities rather than disabilities, as we work for the highest level of success for each program participant.


We are committed to the delivery of the highest quality programs to exceed expectations.


Innovation implies one tries… fails… adjusts the process.  We recognize failure as successfully learning how not to do something. We use the insight gained from failure to make better decisions to strengthen future ideas and efforts.  We honor and reward the efforts of the innovator.

Learning and Teaching

We foster a culture of learning and teaching both inside and outside the organization.  We believe that knowledge and experience are gifts to be exchanged, everyone having something to learn and something to teach.  By sharing knowledge freely, listening and learning together, we lift each individual equally to create a unified, loving, safe, supportive environment where all are the best they can be.