Lisa Ruby

Founder, Executive Director


As Executive Director, Lisa is responsible for overseeing all aspects of iCan Shine with a primary focus on implementing our vision through strategic planning, business development, alliance building with other nonprofit organizations, fundraising, marketing, program and staff development.

Lisa brings over 20 years of management and business experience.  After a successful career in information technology, including starting and managing a successful consulting business for six years, Lisa chose to change her career path to work for and with children and found her way to adapted recreation.

Lisa believes that play is the purest form of therapy the world has to offer, and physical play the most beneficial for body, mind and soul.  Lisa devotes her time and effort to delivering the highest quality programs, working to ensure that everyone involved with iCan Shine, including staff, participants, families, volunteers, hosts, sponsors and partners – learn and teach in a supportive environment.

Lisa currently resides near Wilmington, NC and can be reached at: