“My son Noah attended the Midland, MI camp last week. Noah is 13 years old and has NEVER been able to learn how to ride a bike. The week before camp we decided to let him pick out a new bike as an incentive to give it another try. After 2 days of trying and failing miserably he gave up….he spent both nights repeating that he was “too stupid” to learn how to ride a bike, it’s too hard for his brain to figure out and that he will never get it….

We saw that there was going to be the camp in Midland the next week (it is a 2 ½ hours drive each way for us) and with the help of family were able to sign him up. We were amazed! He gained so much confidence and did so well right from the start that even Noah was proud of himself…. By Friday he was riding his own bike without a spot bar or a spotter….

Thank you for your program – it has taught Noah that he can do ANYTHING and he is not too stupid!! The volunteers were all so patient and kind we could not have asked for anything more. Thanks again!”