The Time I Learned How to Ride a Bike’

“One morning I got up feeling something I never felt. I felt confident. It was August, 2011. My mom and I got in her car and drove to Notre Dame College. I was going to learn to ride a… bike. A group called Lose the Training Wheels came to Cleveland. It was a 5-day camp to teach kids to ride a bike. My helper was Victoria and she had a red hat and shorts. The director names were Nikki and Matt. When I got on the bike I went slow and I was scared. I said to myself, “I can do this just take it easy”. The next day the Fox 8 news team came and interviewed me. They put a microphone on my shirt. I said, “I’m proud!”. So they video taped me on my bike but just then I bumped into another boy and he got mad at me. I said I was sorry and he forgave me.
Then next it was the last day. Everyone was sad to say goodbye. So it was the day I have been waiting for all my life. So I got on the bike and zoomed down the sidewalk. Everyone started to cheer me on. Then I stopped and rode back and then everyone clapped! I felt like crying because I was so happy! Then they had an award ceremony. They gave out trophies. They called my name. I came up to get it and it said, “LTTW Cleveland Seth Gelwasser” and I got a Mitchell’s gift card. Now I know how to ride a bike!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Lose the Training Wheels. That was a perfect ending of a perfect day. I learned practice makes perfect!”