“I volunteered at one of your iCan Bike programs earlier this year, in March. I just wanted to share my experience. The program came to my school, Lake Braddock Secondary. It took place after school. I knew several of the volunteers, and I also knew several of the riders. I was put in a group with other people in my grade. Our rider was a really sweet nine-year-old named Isabel. It got very tiring sometimes, running in circles in our cafeteria, and sometimes things were rough. There was another rider that scared Isabel, and he would chase her around. However, she was making progress. Each day she got more comfortable, and she completed a ton of laps!!! Then we moved outside, on a more difficult bike. She was amazing!!!! We were sprinting to keep up with her, and she did an excellent job on the hill. She did really well on her bike, and we are very proud of her. I’m really grateful for the experience, and I hope the program will come again to my school.”