“This camp is truly amazing, One boy I worked with was a fast learner but still wanted me to run next to him for company even though I couldn’t keep up with him. On the last day after executing a beautiful stop, he looked up at his dad sitting in the bleachers and whispered to me “Do you think he’s proud of me?”, I almost broke down crying right there, I responded with “I think he is so proud of you,” He then went a gave his dad the biggest hug. Now I never asked if the boy’s dad was proud of him, even though by the looks of his smile I’d say he was, but I can say that I was insanely proud of not only the boy but all the kids of getting out there and riding a bike. I never realized how important it was to ride a bike. These kids can go on family bike rides, ride to their friends houses, ride to the store, etc. This one week camp just changed their entire lives.”