“My son is out riding his bike with a friend in the neighborhood. That is a common thing for a parent to say in the summer. But not this parent about this son. Until last year, he couldn’t ride a bike. So when the boys in the neighborhood were riding, all he could do was watch, and wish. Then I found out about this wonderful program. And in a week, he was riding! Once home, I encouraged the riding, first riding with him, then using it as an alternative to playing on the computer. Every time, he wanted to know how many laps, and I would give him a number. And today, he was out riding for fun with a friend. I can’t explain how wonderful it feels to make that comment that so many take for granted! Thank you to the staff of iCan Shine for teaching my son to ride his bike, and to like it! I have recommended your program to two others, and both had the same great experience at two different sites. This program works!”