“Our son Matthew, who is 13 and has autism, participated in the Cleveland camp this past June. I admit to being skeptical about him being able to ride in just five days as we’ve tried multiple times to get him to ride without success. He wasn’t too keen on trying again since he’d tried so many times in the past, but he’s not one to give up, so he gave it his all every day of the camp. Within the first 15 minutes of the third day, Matthew was riding a two wheeler. By himself. He was so proud, as were we (yeah, I had tears – not too proud to say it!). Since the end of camp, we’ve been riding almost every day around our neighborhood and it’s such an amazing feeling!

Between the organization of the camp, the dedication and encouragement of the many volunteers and the technology of the roller bikes (which my engineer husband found fascinating and impressive BTW), this camp works. It really does work!”