“I just wanted to thank you all for this amazing program! My 14 year old daughter (ASD, ADHD, low IQ) just finished bike camp yesterday. We’ve been working with her since she was four to help her learn to bike and this was our last effort before throwing in the towel. We couldn’t find training wheels big enough to support her weight, we couldn’t physically (and safely) help her anymore, and she had given up on learning. But with your help, she was riding with a roller the first day, on a two wheeler by the third day, and outside riding her own bike by Friday!  I get tears in my eyes just thinking of it.

She will probably never drive a car, so this not only means a chance to bike like every other child, but an increase of independence for her throughout her life.  She’s not an easy child to deal with behaviorally either, but everyone was just so kind, understanding, and most surprisingly, successful in handling her. Your program is amazing, your people are amazing, and the volunteers are amazing!  A few times throughout the years we have run into fantastic people and programs that have been lifesavers for my daughter.  I absolutely consider you to be one of those!  I would recommend this program to anyone!”