“I wanted to share my excitement over my son Ben learning to ride a two wheeled bike last week at the iCan Shine bike camp in Sun Prairie.

My son is 12 1/2 years old and has a diagnosis of autism. Although he has some coordination delays, they would normally not interfere with his ability to ride a two-wheeled bike. My son’s struggle has always been fear and a sharp memory when it comes to a fall he took a few years ago while we were attempting to progress him off of training wheels. Some things he never forgets.

We heard about this camp from his elementary Special Education teacher and thought it was worth a try. To our surprise and delight, Ben was riding independently on a bike on the 4th day. Despite some struggles on his part, the staff and volunteers kept supporting, encouraging and nudging him on. He has biked several times over the weekend and is even succeeding on the hills at our house.

My birthday was this past Saturday and I kept telling Ben, what I wanted more than anything for my birthday was for him to be riding a two-wheeler. I got my birthday wish. Now our whole family can take bike rides together.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers for all their time and work. They were fantastic!! We greatly appreciate it!!”