“My son, Ethan, can hear, but cannot speak. Last night he got out his communication board. First, he signed to me ‘cry’. I asked him if he was sad and he shook his head yes. I asked what about, and he pointed to a bike. I said, “Does it make you sad you’re not in the bike program anymore?” and he shook his head yes.

What an incredible program you have! We already have stuff ordered on Amazon.com! I got myself a bike to begin with and then we picked out his bike. Not only did we order the bikes, but we also bought a bike rack for the car, a basket for my handle bars and two bells for our bikes. It was well worth it. We can’t wait to get on the Greenway trail!

I cannot thank you enough for all you did for Ethan. He is 15 years old and after years of trying had given up on ever riding a bicycle. Now he’s got more self-esteem and he’s more apt to try new things that he normally would never want to do. I have wanted to get him in Special Olympics for the longest time, and for the first time he is interested and wants me to call.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are truly blessed by the changes we’ve seen in Ethan. He is a changed little man.”