“In July 2011, my son Alisdair attended a bike camp in Victoria, BC. We travelled over a thousand miles to attend this event and, at the time I was booking our plane tickets, I wondered if it would be ‘worth it.’ When Alisdair was successful (and I was sitting on the sidelines watching him pedal solo) the tears flowed and I knew it would have been worth a million dollars to see that success. Fast forward to August 2013 and, thanks to iCan Shine, Alisdair and I were able to cycle 6 miles on the Isle of Man €” along the road from Ramsey to Jurby. Our investment continues to pay off in leaps and bounds! I’m so very grateful to your organization. I’m planning to write a longer testimonial as I want to spread the word about the good work you are doing across North America with your summer camps! May God bless each of your workers and volunteers….”