“My daughter Miriam recently completed her fourth riding camp – she had started many years ago when you all were still “Lose the Training Wheels” and then had taken some years off, riding with you again last summer when you first came to Round Rock, Texas. This year when you returned she was ready to keep building her skills, and we were extra blessed by the return of Dominique, who is truly an astounding instructor, coach, and ally to disabled folks. The level of trust and respect Dominique invests in each of the riders is awesome to witness, and she is incredibly tuned in to the particular needs and nuances of each of the riders. Miriam learned a lot, and left with continued pride in her own efforts and dedication — and Dominique was absolutely integral to her success. Thank you thank you thank you — we hope you’ll come back to Round Rock next year too, Dominique, Miriam will be delighted to see you again if you do!”