“I love to bike ride. And I was hoping my children would pick up some of that enthusiasm. Kariem had not and (quite honestly) did not want to. But I was determined to find a program that would help him. An administrator at the ARC of Union County told me about the iCan Bike program. With an 80% success rate, it was worth a shot.

My husband took the 35-40 minute drive everyday to Hoboken NJ for a week. That was the closest bike camp we could find. As the week progressed and I looked at the photos & video of Kariem, I was absolutely amazed! He can really ride a bike!

The program’s lead bike instructors Amy and Clayton were great. The volunteers were equally as good (thank you Hannah and Jamie). They even found a way to incorporate Kariem’s self-talk into a game of Autobot (Kariem) chasing Decepticons (the volunteers). It got him to ride a while longer which helped to build his skills and form a better connection. This was pure genius!

I cannot say enough about this amazing program. When we go for our first family bike ride in the park, I’ll be sure to send photos. Hoboken Family Alliance along with iCan Bike instructors & volunteers made it all possible. Thank you so much!”