Shining Volunteers

Our volunteers are really cool people who love to help others. We are proud to share their stories with you!


Meet Team Bourscheidt

We meet so many extraordinary people each year.  The Bourscheidt’s are definitely some of those incredible people.  We are excited to introduce you to Abbie, Anna and Matt Bourscheidt!

Abbie, at 19 is the oldest of the three.  She started volunteering for iCan Bike Peoria, IL in 2016 as a way to get service hours for high school.  The experience was eye-opening for Abbie.  “For me learning to ride a bike was so easy.  I never realized how hard it might be for other kids.”  Abbie tells us that what she loves most about iCan Bike is witnessing the change in riders from day 1 to day 5.  “People change so much over the week.”

Working at iCan Bike changed Abbie’s life in a big way, leading her to volunteer at Easterseals functions and start an Easterseals Club at her high school.  After graduating from high school she chose a career path as an Occupational Therapist.  She originally wanted to go into nursing, however Abbie feels she can make bigger contributions for people with disabilities as an OT.  She is a freshman in the Pre-OT field at Monmouth College also studying Biopsychology, the science of the brain and nervous system and how they influence behavior.  Abbie says that she finds Biopsychology fascinating.

The next member of Team Bourscheidt is Anna, Abbie’s younger sister.  Anna is 17 years old and volunteered with Abbie in 2016.  Anna attends Notre Dame High School and took over the Easterseals Club after Abbie graduated.

The third member of Team Bourscheidt is Matt, age 11.  Matt wasn’t old enough to be a spotter at bike camp, but what a motivator!  Matt ran alongside riders encouraging them every step of the way.  Matt enjoyed working with other boys, connecting by talking about things boys love like Star Wars and sports. Matt loves iCan Bike camp so much.  When he turned 10 years old he asked that his family give him no presents, only cash or checks.  Matt’s birthday bucks were donated to Easterseals at a program called ‘Black Out the Night’, which allows children with disabilities in their community to shine.  Amazing!

The three siblings also recruited Abbie’s boyfriend Noah and their cousin, Paige.  Noah attends Illinois Central College and Paige attends Notre Dame High School and is in the Easterseals Club with Anna.

Team Bourscheidt will return to iCan Bike Peoria, IL as long as the camp takes place.  Abbie has been invited by iCan Shine to be a Hometown Hero in 2018 to learn more about iCan Bike and how to help our riders succeed.  She hopes to intern with iCan Bike when she is old enough and work as a Floor Supervisor when she turns 21.

We are grateful to these wonderful young people for their generosity and desire to make our world a beautiful place to live.  By giving their time and energy they help others achieve their goals and dreams. We know their parents must be extremely proud of Abbie, Anna and Matt.  We sure are!!  Well done Team Bourscheidt!



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