Shining Star

Occasionally, we feature a special star from our program attendees. Each of our attendees is special and there is so much we can learn from one another!


Meet Colin

Get ready to meet an outstanding young man, our new friend and bike rider, 15 year old Colin Benisch. Colin’s mother said they heard about the iCan Bike camp from seeing it on the tv news in 2015. They went to visit iCan Bike – Moline, IL on the last day, and signed up on the spot.

Colin’s parents started trying to teach him to ride at the age of 3. Colin became comfortable riding with his training wheels and despite his parent’s pleas, he refused to have them removed from his bike. After struggling for so many years Colin’s mom thought that riding a bike was just not in the cards for him. Colin has an active lifestyle playing on baseball and bowling teams. Colin loves to watch construction and demolition. He also loves fireworks and the noises they make.

Genna Noel, the Shine staff at iCan Bike Moline IL said “Colin has had a huge impact on my life. He is such an awesome person. Colin was not only a cheerleader for himself, but he was a huge support system for other riders. Colin was constantly telling volunteers and riders how great they were doing. Colin gave the biggest hugs, and no one hates a hug!”

Colin was one of the older riders in his session and at 6’2”, one of our tallest riders. Colin set the bar high always making sure to be a good role model for the younger riders. He was a little nervous to ride a two-wheel bike, but his friend Luke was a great support. Colin and Luke were magically the first 2 riding outside together on Wednesday!

When asked what his favorite part of camp was, Colin said “Every day, but really riding with my volunteers and bringing cookies to everyone on Thursday.” Colin’s advice to new riders “Pedal fast and if you fall get back up and try again.”

Colin brought his light to iCan Bike – Moline, IL and boy did he shine! Thank you for sharing your bright light with us and making the world a more awesome place to live. You rock!!”

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