“I wanted to thank everyone involved in this program for all their effort and support throughout the five day camp.  When I first met my rider, I thought he was too young to be able to ride a two wheeler.  He had some rough days where he would shut his eyes on the bike and sleep while riding…or say that he couldn’t or didn’t want to ride ever again, but wow!… he came out strong on Friday.  He was the last to make his way outside but he did it!  Also, it was amazing to see how every time his rollers were changed, he would be unstable at first but then got the hang of it and could keep his balance.  When I signed up as a volunteer for the camp, I wondered if it was worth getting up at 7 in the morning for 5 days over April break, but seeing these kids smile and watching them progress was definitely worth giving up some sleep and energy :)…  Once again, this was a fantastic and unforgettable experience for both my brother (a rider) and I.  Thank You!”