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iCan Swim Hosts

Our hosts include nonprofit organizations, local governments and school districts, advocacy groups and proactive parents that step-up to organize a local iCan Swim program. This usually starts with a motivated individual that wants to formerly introduce swimming into the lives of people with disabilities in their area.


What Hosts Should Expect

Hosting a successful iCan Swim five day program involves a good deal of effort, however, the feedback and gratitude you will receive from swimmers, families and volunteers will make it worth all your hard work. Being an iCan Swim host may be the toughest job you’ve ever loved!

iCan Swim Camp Hosts are responsible for:

  • Securing a local suitable pool, preferably indoors, with a minimum swim area of 675 square feet in which to conduct our swim program Monday through Friday during normal business hours
  • Ensuring the pool has a trained and certified lifeguard on duty
  • Recruiting 2-4 local instructors certified to teach learn-to-swim programs, preferably with teaching experience. These individuals will be trained as Adapted Aquatic Instructors during the swim camp in order to continue classes in your local community after the camp week ends
  • Allowing access to the facility for approximately 5 hours on the Sunday before camp (Adapted Aquatic Instructor training for 4 hours, parent and volunteer orientation and volunteer training for a total of about 90 minutes)
  • Paying a fixed program fee of $5,950 ($5,750 if deposit received by January 1st)  
  • Swim camp accommodates between 3 and 6 swimmers during each of the five daily sessions
  • Hosts have the flexibility to customize the five daily sessions by combining any combination of 45-minute (ages 3 to 7) and 60-minute (ages 8 and above) sessions 
  • Providing local lodging for two iCan Swim staff for the week (2 hotel rooms for 7 nights)
  • Establishing a swimmer registration fee to collect from families (used to subsidize the above mentioned program fee) generally ranging from $125 to $175 per swimmer
  • Recruiting and registering local swimmers and volunteers (1 volunteer per swimmer)
  • Planning and administering the daily check-in process

Getting up to speed on becoming an iCan Swim Camp Host:

The most efficient way to understand what is involved in being an iCan Swim Camp host is to:

  • Review our Swim Camp Host Overview document which provides a comprehensive description of our iCan Swim program 
  • E-mail us at info@icanshine.org to set up a convenient day and time to discuss more details over the phone  

Host Documents

In order to make iCan Swim programs efficient and successful, we have developed standardized planning, administrative, marketing, registration and other informational documents. Our goal in doing this is to make hosting one of our iCan Swim programs as stress-free and seamless as possible.

Over the years, we have accumulated a number of best practices on hosting efficient and successful programs and have fine-tuned this process to be reflected in the documentation below readily available to all hosts. As an iCan Swim program host, you will benefit from our many years of determining what works best and therefore avoid having to re-invent the process.

Finally, we work especially close with our new ‘rookie’ hosts to ensure they are completely up to speed and fully supported in the endeavor to plan their first swim program. After hosting their first program, our hosts find that hosting subsequent programs becomes substantially easier.

Considering Being A Host?
Swim Camp Host Overview
(November 4, 2016)
Swim-Camp-Host-Overview-2017-1.pdf download View | Download
Summary: If you’re thinking about hosting an iCan Swim camp and want to know what’s involved reading this document is the best place to start! This document provides a comprehensive overview of what is entailed in hosting a swim camp covering important items such as program description, swimmer benefits, facility and volunteer requirements, camp director responsibilities, […]
Categories: Swim Considering Being a Host

iCan Swim Host Agreement
(March 9, 2017)
iCS-Host-Agreement-2017-.docx download View | Download
Summary: Our standard legal document setting forth terms of agreement for collaborating with Hosts to conduct a successful iCan Swim camp.  This agreement will be e-mailed to you shortly after your Camp Booking Form (see ‘Planning’ section below) is submitted via e-mail, reviewed and approved.
Categories: Swim Legal

Swim Camp Booking Form
(March 9, 2017)
iCan-Swim-Camp-Booking-Form.xls download View | Download
Summary: This is the form all prospective iCan Swim Hosts would complete and submit via e-mail to book a week to host an iCan Swim camp. Once received, we will review this form, e-mail you an agreement for review and signing and prepare your iCan Swim webpage to include on our website to assist you with […]
Categories: Swim Planning
Swim Camp Budget Template
(November 4, 2016)
swim-camp-budget-template.xls download View | Download
Summary: Simple and easy-to-use Excel format budget template for Hosts to use in determining the gross and net cost of hosting an iCan Swim camp
Categories: Swim Planning

iCan Swim Logo Without Website
(March 9, 2017)
iCan-Swim-No-Website-.pdf download View | Download
Summary: iCan Swim logo without website address underneath image
Categories: Swim Marketing
iCan Swim Logo With Website
(March 9, 2017)
iCan-Swim-With-Website-.pdf download View | Download
Summary: iCan Swim logo with website address underneath image
Categories: Swim Marketing
iCan Swim Logo (ALL BLACK)
(March 9, 2017)
iCan-Swim-All-Black-No-Website-.pdf download View | Download
Summary: iCan Swim logo in all BLACK for placement on light colored backgrounds such as t-shirts
Categories: Swim Marketing
iCan Swim Logo (ALL WHITE)
(March 9, 2017)
iCan-Swim-All-White-No-Website-.pdf download View | Download
Summary: iCan Swim logo in all WHITE for placement on dark or colored backgrounds such as t-shirts
Categories: Swim Marketing

Swim Parent Feedback Form
(November 4, 2016)
iCS-Parent-Feedback-Form.docx download View | Download
Summary: Survey Hosts provide to parents of swimmers on the last day of the swim program to collect valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement for Hosts and iCan Shine
Categories: Swim Parents

Swimmer Registration Form
(March 9, 2017)
Swimmer-Registration-Form.docx download View | Download
Summary: Form Hosts use to register swimmers for their iCan Swim program which includes details about the swimmer, program and the swimmer liability release required for participation.  Alternatively, Hosts can choose to establish an online registration process through websites such as SignUpGenius or Wufoo, however, we require all of the information requested on this registration form […]
Categories: Swimmers

Swim Volunteer Registration Form
(March 9, 2017)
Swim-Volunteer-Registration-Form.docx download View | Download
Summary: Form Hosts use to register volunteers for their iCan Swim program which includes details about the volunteer, program and the volunteer liability release
Categories: Swim Volunteers